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DLangkawi.Com MYRoom


Introducing the retail version of our online application.

Cafe Mobile Cashier


Our latest idea to share, manage your cafe order from 7″ web browser. Demo available at Dlangkawi MyCafe      

DLangkawi 1Booking?


Add to cart ONLINE ROOM RESERVATION SYSTEM FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM HOTEL DLangkawi 1Booking is a room reservation portal which is developed as a Room Reservation Management for Hotel, Chalet and Motel. Features are : 1) Guest and Agent Information database 2) Support 4 rates, Low, Standard, Peak and Special.Read the Rest…

Virus Problem? Malware?


Malware, short for malicious software, is software designed to infiltrate a computer system without the owner’s informed consent. The expression is a general term used by computer professionals to mean a variety of forms of hostile, intrusive, or annoying software or program code.[1] The term “computer virus” is sometimes usedRead the Rest…

Corporate Computer Training

We do provide training instructor for training at customer’s site. Topic 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Excel 2003 Topic 2: Start Exploring Excel 2003 Topic 3: Copy and Paste VS Cut and Paste Topic 4: Formatting Excel data according to your needs Topic 5: Using the Excel Formulas and FunctionsRead the Rest…

Langkawi Photo dot Com

This website designed as our contribution towards Langkawi ¬†Tourism. ¬†We ‘ve spent uncounted no of hours and ringgits(forget about sweat of Langkawi heat) to capture all photos, videos to enable this Langkawi virtual visit. Honestly, we did not capture any Ringgit Malaysia yet for this service, but quite proud toRead the Rest…

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